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You can download either or both of these books immediately, free of charge. Just follow the links below and provide your basic information, then download the books and “keep up the good work” of being the dad your children need.

Forming a Lifelong Bond: For Dads of Infants ebookForming a Lifelong Bond: For Dads of Infants

by Dr. Ken R. Canfield


Gear up for one of the greatest adventures of your life!


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Translate the excitement of becoming a dad into a solid commitment to be the dad your child needs. This book addresses the specific challenges, key issues (and joys!) dads face with infants and toddlers.

When a dad knows what his children are experiencing during particular stages of their lives, he gains confidence for the present task and knows how to prepare for the changes that are ahead.

This FREE book will help you through the adjustments of becoming a dad. You’ll learn:

  • How to bond with your baby.
  • How to figure out your job description as a father.
  • How to deal with the new feelings you’re experiencing as a new dad.
  • What you can learn from how your dad fathered you—with his strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to develop the key virtue that new dads need in order to succeed.

Canfield provides lots of practical helps … a self-scoring survey allowing you to get instant feedback on your own fathering … and more!

If you don’t have infants, send this link to a new dad you know! 

We plan to produce more ebooks in the near future that cover the other stages of the fathering life course:

- Dads of Preschoolers
- Dads of School-Age Kids
- Dads of Adolescents
- Dads of Young Adults
- Grandfathers

5 Things Every Kid Must Get from Dad5 Things Every Kid Must Get From Dad


Grab this opportunity to be SuperDad … and raise Super Kids!


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How are you guiding your children into adulthood while keeping them safe and filling them with strong values and confidence? This FREE book is packed with meaningful techniques that will teach you to embrace Championship Fathering and create the relationship you always wanted with your child.

In this FREE book, you will:

  • Learn about the 5 most significant things your DAUGHTER needs from you, which will help to strengthen your bond with her and prepare her for her future.
  • Discover the 5 biggest things a SON needs from his dad. You’ll learn key ways to invest in his life and what kind of example he needs you to be.
  • Find out about how to help your daughter grow up to accept ONLY men who treat her with respect, honor, and compassion.
  • Learn about the importance of using RITES-OF-PASSAGE to instill confidence and strength into your children, so they can be honorable, respectful, skilled, and confident as they pursue their goals.
  • And much more.



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