Go Ask Dad

Here at the National Center for Fathering, we are thrilled to continue our relationship with Gillette, the world’s preeminent manufacturer of men’s shaving products.
Since their formation over one hundred and fifteen years ago, Gillette has been a champion of the father/son relationship, as generations of father figures have used Gillette razors to teach their sons how to shave. In this digital age, however, where technology plays such a significant role in our daily lives, Gillette has found that requests for dads’ advice are occurring less often than ever before.
In fact, in a recent global study by the brand, 84% of sons said their go-to source for information is their phone, vs. 13% who said they turn to dad first. Moreover, 72% of guys said the one source of information they can’t live without is their phone, while only 10% said it was their dad. Interestingly, though—and what’s brought to life in the video (link below)—is that despite these stats, the majority of guys admit the advice their dad offers is either exactly right for them, or more in-depth than the advice they receive digitally.
With Father’s Day on the horizon, Gillette is putting the spotlight back on father figures around the world by encouraging guys to turn to the better source of wisdom, and Go Ask Dad this Father’s Day, and every day; because taking a moment to seek out his advice will mean a lot more to him—and to you—than you might realize.

Check out Gillette’s YouTube page to see how they’re help fueling the “Go Ask Dad” movement.