Wayne Simien on Video: Don’t Miss the Joy in Being a Good Dad

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Many of you know Wayne Simien as a former All-American basketball player from Kansas who was also a first-round draft pick in the NBA—and collected a ring as a member of the Miami Heat in 2006. But if that’s all you know about him, you only know a small part of his story.

Just last month, I had the privilege of hosting Wayne at our office, and he is one impressive guy—besides the fact that he’s 6’9” and probably 250 pounds. He’s even more impressive because of his character and his commitment to not only be a great husband and father to his four children, but also because he has a passion to help other dads embrace the joy of fatherhood.

He says, “It’s one of the most joyful things that you could ever be a part of.” Please watch the 4-minute video below. I know Wayne’s comments will challenge you

If you’re a young dad, his perspective will be valuable to you because your situation is probably not that different from his. If you’re a veteran dad,Wayne’s comments might provide a needed wake-up call about the joys and the privilege of being a dad. Have you been taking those things for granted?

In either case, please share this with another dad you know. Make sure other dads “don’t miss the joy” of being a dad, as Wayne says.

Ultimately, being a dad isn’t about pursuing things that make us feel good; it’s all about loving, coaching and modeling for the benefit of our children. But there’s also a lot of joy that comes as a by-product of being a committed father.

What’s your greatest source of joy as a father? Please let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Action Points for Joyful Fathers:

  • Find joy in the everyday actions of being a dad! Really be present with your kids no matter what you’re doing together.
  • Tell your child how much joy he or she brings you. Say something like, “Wow, I just love being your dad.”
  • Smile and make crazy, joy-filled faces for your baby to imitate.
  • Show excitement the moment your child walks in the room; be eager to go out and shoot hoops, play catch, kick the soccer ball, or whatever your child enjoys. Also, let your kids inspire you to new acts of father-child fun—water balloon battles, corny knock-knock joke fests, mixing up a strange concoction in the kitchen, making a silly video together, etc.
  • Pursue activities that draw you and your child together—an hour at a playground, a breakfast date, a bike ride, a shared hobby, a weekend camping trip, or just a trip to the corner ice cream shop.
  • Once you’ve really “embraced the joy” of being a dad, show your excitement as you tell another dad about the aspects of fatherhood that bring you joy.


Carey Casey is the CEO of the National Center for Fathering, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the culture of fathering in America by enlisting 6.5 million fathers who to make the Championship Fathering Commitment. NCF believes that every child needs a dad they can count on, and uses its resources to inspire and equip men to be the involved fathers, grandfathers and father figures their children need. Subscribe to his weekly email tip by clicking here: “Yes! I want tips on how to be a great dad who loves, coaches, mentors, and inspires my children.



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  1. Jamal Jackson says:

    I am 43 years old and I have five children. I love my children and wish to be a good dad to them all. My children range from ages of 23 to 9. I also have 3 grand children who I love too. Pray that I be a good father to them all. Pray that they realize that I love them.

  2. I recently had the privilege of hearing Wayne speak at a CrossTrainers session in Des Moines, Iowa. CT is a local men’s discipling ministry. Wayne had delivered a rousing message at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes fundraising event the night before, but he brought his A-game to CT at 6:30 a.m. the next morning. I think Wayne Simien is one of the premier spokesmen for men in our country today. I do not believe I am overstating that truth. He has not gained prominence because he was a great basketball player at Kansas or in the NBA. His influence comes from the testimony of walking away from a lucrative professional basketball career because the Holy Spirit directed him to do so, AND HE WAS OBEDIENT. God is anointing him as a man of God, a great husband. a wonderful father, and discipler of men. Praise be to Jesus for Wayne Simien!!

    • , “I love you daddy!”Those are the best moments:-) One of my favitore parts of being a parent is seeing my son take a little nugget of something we’ve talked about and grow it and share it with other people and then again with me, having mastered a whole new corner of the universe. It’s amazing what kids can do and we as parents play a really cool role in fostering that growth. Rock on dads and moms!

  3. dean hubbard says:

    i have 3 kids from ages 22 to 10. i love my kids very much but admit raising kids in this generation is challenging to say the least. i pray that my oldest will come back to God and that my other 2 will follow christ all their lives. this world really wants to draw them away from God. my 2 youngest dont tell me they love me although i know they do. my marriage is difficult at times and we dont show any signs of affection in front of our kids or really at all. please pray for my marriage & kids. thanks

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