Our Impact

NCF is committed to reaching dads through our weekly e-mail, seminars, small-group training, and website.

Some of our accomplishments…

  • 10,000+ downloads of free resources from fathers.com, including our two free e-books, filled with practical insights and tips for dads: 5 Things Every Kid Needs From Dad, and Forming a Lifelong Bond: For Dads of Infants.
  • 54,000+ Facebook “friends”, more than 3,500 followers on Twitter, and more than 1,200 subscribers on YouTube were engaged with daily inspiration and action points.
  • 87,000+ dads and other readers receive our weekly email, which provides dads with a regular reminder about the importanceFather and daughter at beach of their role and practical ways to engage their children.
  • An array of donors, from small to large, have invested in and supported the National Center for Fathering with a gift, enabling NCF to continue our efforts to inspire and equip fathers, grandfathers and father figures.
  • More than 1,000 men have been trained in Quenching the Father Thirst® and Dads of Destiny small-group curricula, so they can lead other dads and help them learn new skills, and provide accountability and encouragement to make their new habits stick.

Want to be a part of the impact? 


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