2 Ways Dads Represent God to Their Children

This week we’re featuring Percy Kennedy and his insights from our recent fathering radio special.

Percy is a man of faith and he uses faith to influence and help these desperate dads. In this short clip he challeges all dads with a description of some spiritual aspects of being a dad: some ways dads represent God to their children.


Are you sharing your faith with your kids? Are you blessing them in meaningful ways? Share your ideas—and any challenges you’ve experienced in this area—on our Facebook page.


Percy Kennedy Jr. is founder of Voices of the Fatherless (www.voicesofthefatherless.com), a mentoring outreach for fatherless children that also seeks to connect those children with their fathers, especially incarcerated dads. He is also author of the book, Voices of the Fatherless: Letters From Incarcerated Dads Breaking The Pipeline. Since his sophomore year in college, Percy raised his now-adult son, Alex, as a single father. Percy lives near Houston, TX.

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There may be no more important work than turning the hearts of fathers to their children, and that’s what this is all about. We’re seeking to repair, rebuild and restore effective fathering for the benefit of children and families everywhere.