Father’s Day Review: Info and Inspiration

We hope you had a fantastic Father’s Day. No matter how you celebrated, you deserve to be honored for the role you play in your children’s lives.

As usual, Father’s Day brought more attention to dads from the media, and this year was no exception. There’s some interesting information, and then a lot of inspiration. (See below.)

One area we always like to check out is new research and statistics on fatherhood, which is often released in June. In some cases, what they release is a compilation of older findings. For example, the Census Bureau always releases Father’s Day information, such as:

  • 40% of the 72.2 million dads in America (as of 2014) are also grandfathers.
  • Nearly one out of five custodial parents (19.6%) in 2016 were fathers.

They also have statistics on product sales in store categories where dads often shop: sporting goods, auto parts, hardware, men’s clothing, and so on. Find more here and here.

Another good source is the Pew Research Center, who updated their compilation of statistics and trends titled, “8 Facts About Dads.” They include:

  • More fathers are staying home to care for their kids.
  • Fewer dads are sole breadwinners in their families.
  • Fathers view parenting as central to their identity.

The “facts” aren’t all new or surprising, but they’re quite interesting nonetheless. See the entire list—with charts and graphs—here.

Now, on to some inspiration. In today’s world, there are funny and/or inspiring videos about fatherhood popping up quite often. One caught our eye this past week, although there were likely many others that deserve more attention. It’s encouraging that this commercial celebrates dads:

Dads, be encouraged. Be inspired. Most of all, live out your own fathering story with all the wisdom and passion you can muster.

What did you see last week about fatherhood that was interesting or inspired you? What did your kids do that made you feel like a king? Please share it on our Facebook page.

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