Involved Fathering Helps Your Marriage

This week we’re highlighting some insights that Justin Batt shared during our recent fathering radio special. 

Justin started a weekly habit of creating fun and memorable activities with his kids. For him, it worked out best on Saturdays because that’s when his wife was busy with her bridal business. And so Daddy Saturday was born. It’s been a fantastic time of connection for Justin and his kids, and he challenges all dads to do something similar on a day that works for them. 

And although those Saturdays are all about fun with the kids, this habit has also impacted his marriage. Listen to how he describes it—with some lessons that all married dads can apply:

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Justin Batt is founder of Daddy Saturday (, a platform to create intentional fathers who raise good kids that become great adults. He is also author of a book with the same title: Daddy Saturday. He is also an entrepreneur, business advisor, healthcare consultant, and public speaker. Justin and his wife Heather have four children and live in South Carolina.

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