Older Dads: Stay Plugged In

Younger dads, please don’t ignore this blog. I’m writing to more experienced dads, but I hope you’ll stay with us and maybe catch a glimpse of your future.

We know the tendency for many seasoned dads is to tune us out. They feel like their fathering role is slowing down a bit and they’ve probably learned just about all they can—the idea that you can’t teach an old dad new tricks, right?

Now, clearly things change as you get older. On the job, you were the young pup full of questions; now you’re the old dog with all the answers. When the kids were young, sometimes you were too busy to play. Now that they’re busy, you probably wish they’d come around a little more. Perspectives change. You’re in a different chapter of life. As I talk to people with more life experience, one common theme I hear is that they are going deeper spiritually. They are seeing things now they didn’t see years ago.

Not all “experienced” dads are tuned out as fathers. Many of the most devoted men spreading the message of responsible fatherhood are older guys. They know dads matter! They’re still passionate about passing on the message to every dad they know, and mentoring younger dads who might not really “get it” yet. We love those guys.

So if you’re in that “older dad” group with me, let me encourage you today. You’re still needed! You’re still vital! You can still make a difference.

That’s true in relation to your children and grandkids. You’ll always be “Dad” and “Granddad”; you can make powerful, positive investments in their lives.

This is also a great time to reach out. Mentor someone. Meet with a younger dad for coffee every week. Get involved in a men’s group. And keep your eyes out in your neighborhood for a kid who needs a father-figure. I promise, that’s one of the most rewarding activities you’ll ever do.

Remember. You have a storehouse of father power. That’s one of the most valuable commodities on the planet.

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