Tips for Traveling With Kids


While you’re planning that last trip of the summer before the kids head back to school, keep these tips in mind! Traveling can get stressful, but you set the pace and attitude for your family dad. Make sure you’re setting a positive one that is open for new ideas and adventures. These Tips for Traveling With Kids should help you with that! (Find the tips in text below or download by clicking on the link.)

Pick A Kid Friendly Location!

  • Check for family deals!
  • Does the pool have kid-friendly features?
  • Make sure the hotel is central to local attractions.
  • Make sure there is an elevator or lift for strollers, toys, luggage, etc.
  • Check for a kids’ menu at the dining options.
  • Are there family oriented television stations available for down time?
  • You’re going to want to make sure there is a bathtub.

Set A Budget… And Stick To It!

  • Balance your trip based on where you are going, how you are getting there and what you want to do while you’re there. Don’t let all three areas be high expense!
  • Create a daily cash allowance.
  • Download a currency app to keep track of how much in US currency you are spending instead of trying to keep track in a currency that you aren’t familiar with.
  • Find out your bank’s foreign transaction fee ahead of time and exchange at the destination.
  • Don’t feel like you have to play Santa with souvenirs for friends.
  • Eat like a local and avoid hotel restaurants as much as possible.

Plan In Advance! 

  • Make sure you book your travel and stay in advance.
  • Find out what is local and set a plan for what you want to get done. This makes sure that nothing gets left out and will help you stay in your budget.
  • Plan out travel times from the hotel to the attraction. That way you’ll have your answer for “Are we there yet?” and “How much longer dad?”

Capture Your Memories!

  • Give your children each a cheap digital camera to capture the trip from their point of view.
  • Make sure you have enough camera memory space BEFORE you leave home.
  • Consider getting an extra memory card for the trip.
  • If you have something that can record as well, bring that along! You want to make sure you can relive all of these moments.
  • But don’t get caught up in picture taking, live those memories out as well!

If You’re On A Road Trip…

  • Bring along a portable TV/DVD player and a few family favorites to watch.
  • Find out some fun apps for your kids to use while you’re traveling from one destination to another.
  • Take frequent breaks! Maybe it is a potty or snack break, but you can make it fun with picnics, historical monuments or public parks!
  • Pack plenty of water, a first-aid kit and basic car repair tools. Make sure your road side assistance plan is up to date and your phone is always charged.
  • Get your car completely checked out by your mechanic beforehand!

Other Tips…

  • Expect the unexpected! Your attitude will set the attitude that your children will have. Make sure it is positive and open!
  • Have an open mind, and encourage your children to learn things about different cultures and environments.
  • Get your children’s input while planning your trip. Ask what they want to do.
  • Do the free stuff that is available!

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