Are You Coasting, Dad?

Here at there’s an old saying:

Father’s Day Every Day.

At least it’s old to us. We even used that as the title of a conference years back. The idea is to make every day count with your kids and renew your commitment to them every morning. If Father’s Day makes you feel motivated as a dad, carry that forward to every other day. Of course that isn’t easy—just like with any daily commitment. 

For many of us, that’s just how our minds work. We get used to something and it’s no longer interesting or challenging.

Is there a chance you’re coasting as a father?

Maybe we kind of coast along because things don’t seem quite as urgent as they once did. Maybe you’ve been a dad for fifteen or twenty years, and you’ve settled into a comfortable routine with your kids. Or maybe you’re a younger dad and you’ve never really committed yourself fully to the role, and your family members pretty much know what they can and cannot expect from you. It could be that this past Father’s Day or a recent family vacation was a high point for you and your children, and now you’ve settled back into your normal routine. 

A routine is OK if it involves regular or daily positive connections with your kids, encouragement, staying aware of what’s going on in their lives, and so on. But for too many dads, the normal routine is not being very involved in their kids’ lives because of work or other pursuits. 

Whatever the reason, if you can identify with the idea of coasting as a father, then the challenge is simple:

Please don’t get bored with being a dad.

Don’t get comfortable. The job is too important. There’s so much at stake, especially when it comes to your children’s future. And there are so many ways your role as a father can be exciting and life-changing—just the opposite of boring.

An overwhelming amount of research demonstrates that children thrive when they have an involved father or father figure—someone who loves them, knows them, guides them, and helps them achieve their destiny. Your task is to shape and empower the next generation of your family!

And then, what may be even more urgent: you can help impact the next generation of children beyond your family who need strong fathering. 

Statistics show there’s a crisis in our nation—children who are fatherless or whose fathers are not involved in their lives. The odds are pretty grim for those kids. 

Those of us who are “plugged in” as fathers can make a difference. We can reach out to fatherless kids. And we can come alongside men who have sidestepped or retreated from their role as a father. If you know a man like that, maybe you can help him see the joy and rewards of involved fatherhood. 

Men, we can truly make a difference!

At, we’re still very motivated, and we hope you are too. 

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