Don’t Be Like “Josh,” Dad; Considers the Consequences

During the normal annual year-end reflecting, it’s been a good year for many of us. But one dad is really struggling—”Josh.”

Today his family situation is drastically different from a year ago, and it’s all because of his own mistakes. He started down a dangerous road and it soon became a habit. Josh had a secret, selfish life that amounted to betrayal of his wife and children.

How to Be a Dad Who Considers the ConsequencesThis year, his secrets came out and the things he values most are forever changed. He lost his job and his marriage is in serious trouble. Josh’s wife says she can never trust him again. His children are trying to understand, but there’s a lot to repair.

Now, there’s no mention above of specifically what Josh did. Maybe you can guess, and maybe you’d be right—maybe you wouldn’t. This isn’t about the specifics of his mistakes.

This is about you

Do you have any secrets that would radically change your life if they came out? Do you have habits or relationships that are inappropriate? Have you made compromises in what you know is right? Consider this your year-end integrity check.

Thankfully, Josh is taking the right approach. He’s meeting regularly with other men who challenge him, encourage him, and hold him accountable as he makes his way back to a responsible life. In his desperation, those friendships and his faith have become his lifeblood—helping him to simply make it through the day.
It took a crisis for Josh to come to his senses. Maybe most of you reading this are nothing like Josh. You have your specific challenges and issues. But heed this gentle reminder.

If there’s a part of your life that’s out of whack—whether it’s dishonesty in your job, maybe an affair, irresponsible spending habits, or something else … please do something now to change your course.
Meet with other men to help you and hold you accountable. If you don’t know where to go from there, talk to an older dad whom you trust. He can help you through questions like that.

But make sure you start next year with a positive resolve to truly be the husband and father your family members need.

ACTION POINTS for Dads on the Journey
– What does your “year-end reflecting” tell you about ways you could improve as a dad? Give it serious consideration, and ask your wife or someone else close to you for feedback.
– Are you in regular contact with another dad whom you can talk to about anything and who can ask you hard questions? If not, reach out and seek to create that kind of relationship with another dad.
– Do you have a teenage son? Give him permission to ask you anything—and you do the same with him.
– “If you aren’t moving forward, you’re going backward.” Starting now, do something every day to grow in an area of weakness or vulnerability.

We want to hear from you. Do you have an accountable relationship with another dad? Please leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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