Video: “It means everything to have integrity”

A dad in Houston got together with his two adult daughters and made a video to help promote one of our events.

One daughter, Anji, shares a heartfelt tribute to her dad, mentioning math homework, integers, and how much it meant to her that he modeled integrity on a consistent basis:

Dad, are you showing your children what it means to have integrity, to be a whole person? Are you practicing what you preach? Are you living out the commitments and the priorities that you hold up as important? And will your daughter think of your values and your integrity when she dates young men and decides which one is right for her? Will your sons remember how you acted during significant moments in life, and conduct themselves with similar dignity, courage, or respect?

If your children are still young, it’s probably hard to imagine having talks with them like Dave and his daughters had while shooting this video, and it may not seem like your actions today can really create lasting impressions on your children — but they can. In many ways, your children are walking in your footsteps, and your modeling will make an impact in their lives for many years.

Your son and daughter need to see the very best of you — your empathy, assertiveness, patience, gentleness, and wisdom. You have great power through your modeling, dad. For your kids’ sake, please make the most of it.


  • Use the “integer” example to talk about integrity with your children. Talk about what it means to you to be a “whole” person.
  • Do something with your kids that you’ve been promising to do with them.
  • Whenever you ask your child to do something around the house (picking up clothes, cleaning bedrooms, doing dishes, etc.), ask yourself, Am I doing that too?
  • Ask your children what qualities they should look for in a husband or wife. What are some ways those qualities will be apparent?
  • Next time you’re doing a small maintenance project around the house, have your child join you. Show him or her how to handle that issue.

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