Must-See Video: Josh’s Kindness

A little kindness can go a long way.

A few years ago this story came out about a young man named Josh. After his father passed away, Josh and his family moved from a small town to a city. Changing high schools wasn’t easy. Josh was a bit of a loner, and while still grieving the loss of his father, he was teased quite a bit. Other students ripped down the pictures of his dad he had hung in his locker. (Maybe you remember how hard the teen years can be.)

Then one day Josh had an idea… Watch the video for the whole story:

Dads, we’re sharing this video first because it’s just a great, positive story that more people need to hear.

It’s also a good one to look up watch with your kids. Talk to them about the great power of simple acts of kindness, and how one young man, through his courage and leadership, changed a school for the better. Even if your kids aren’t going back to school physically very soon, ask them what they could do that might impact people around them in a similar way.

Also, make an extra effort to notice when your child does something nice for a sibling or friend. Tell him you’re proud to be his dad.

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