Are You a Rich Man? (See Video)

The movie Courageous follows the stories of five different dads and the challenges they face, and challenges all dads to raise their level of commitment and become the fathers their children need.

Here’s one scene featuring Javier, who has been through some employment challenges and is concerned that the suit he just purchased for a special occasion may have cost too much. But his wife Carmen reminds him of an important truth for him and all dads:

One of the finalists for our Father of the Year Contest wrote, “As I watch my children grow, I realize we may not have a lot of money, but my wealth is infinite.” That’s a perspective on life that more dads need to share, because the lure of riches and power can be an overwhelming distraction from what’s really important.
An 11th grader named Ingrid also put it well: “My father isn’t a sports hero or rich, a famous actor or a doctor, but he has done something to make this world a better place. He has always been there for me, twenty-four hours a day for fifteen years.”
As committed fathers, we should never measure “success” in terms of wealth or fame. A big measure of success is winning in the eyes of our kids. They are worth every investment of time, energy and, yes, even some cash.
So, next time you pull out your wallet, remember that your wealth is represented not by a stack of credit cards or tens and twenties, but by the pictures you carry of your wife and your children. Those close, connected relationships make you rich in ways that money could never match.
One more striking feature of this clip is worth highlighting: as dads, we have a deep desire to be respected and admired for the role we play and the things we contribute. What man would not be thrilled to hear similar words as what Carmen spoke to Javier? So, to any wives and moms who may be reading, don’t let your man’s tough exterior fool you. He really does need to hear those words of love and approval from you.

  • For Father’s Day, take the time to write down what being a dad means to you — for your own benefit. Share it with your family or some other dads if you want to.
  • Ask your kids, “In comparison with most people in the world, are we rich, poor, or about average?” Then talk about other ways of being “rich.”
  • Look at the photos in your wallet or on your phone. Are they out of date? Take the time to update them if necessary.
  • Take inventory of your priorities. Is your life reflecting what is most important to you? Have you lost perspective? Are you considering the long-lasting consequences of your daily actions?
  • Tell your children’s mom how valuable she is to you and to your kids.

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