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Daughters and Sports

Here’s something that some dads rarely consider. Daughters can be athletes, too! As a matter of fact, girls need to learn about teamwork, good sportsmanship and the thrill of victory just as much as boys.  According to a recent article in the Kansas City Star, high...

A Father’s Heart for Daughters

There are a lot of reasons for you to be a loving father to your daughter. She’ll have a more positive view of men in general. More self-esteem as a woman. She’s more likely to stay sexually pure until marriage and have a healthier view of sexuality.  But, today, I’d...

Fathering Is Worth Doing Badly

Fathering Is Worth Doing Badly

  Here at, we want all dads to do their best. Be devoted to your children. Make them a top priority. Commit yourself to being there for them through all the ups and downs of life. Give them lots of encouragement and affirmation. Teach them skills and...

Birthday Reflections: A Father’s Legacy

Birthday Reflections: A Father’s Legacy

by Ken Canfield, Ph.D. I recently gathered with many of my children and grandchildren to celebrate a birthday: my 70th. It was a wonderful and sometimes wild time together. During the days before that celebration, I came up with a sheet of reflections that I handed...

Game Time! Have a FUN Family Christmas

Game Time! Have a FUN Family Christmas

Are there gamers in your family? Actually this isn’t the kind of gaming you’re probably thinking of. And it has very little (if anything) to do with phones, computers or keyboards (unless you come up with one that involves a piano). This is about playing games with...

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