As we move toward Father’s Day, we’ll be sharing some thoughts about dads from kids—some young children, and some not-so-young. This week we feature an essay by Myles, who wrote the winning 4th grade entry for our Minnesota essay contest.

Playing together. Top view of father and son lying on the hardwoMy dad is an amazing guy. He helps me with a lot of things. Me and my dad both like a lot of the same things. My dad is the most important thing in the world to me. I can’t imagine a world without him.
We both love to do stuff together. I don’t care where we are going, but when I’m with him, it is a BLAST! My dad is always, always kind to everyone and he always wants the best for my family and me. He loves to help people and is never ever mean. My dad likes to help people so much that he became a police officer to keep others safe and happy.
My dad and I like to go on small trips together. We have the best time ever. He’s honest to everyone.
He tucks me in every night and never forgets. In my dad’s spare time, we like to go outside and play lightning or throw a football around and that may not be huge, but it is super fun because I’m with him.
He picks me up from school sometimes and I like it when he does. We will talk about our day and talk about what we might do for the rest of the day. Wherever life takes us, since I have my dad, I know it will be fun. My dad deserves to win Father of the Year because he is the nicest person I know. And even if he doesn’t win Father of the Year, he always wins in my book.

One clear theme in Myles’ essay that should be a challenge for all of us: simple involvement means a lot to our kids. Our presence in their lives is special, even if it doesn’t always include their favorite food, theme parks or expensive vacations. Often, what they appreciate are our efforts to be there in the daily stuff of life. And even if they never talk about it or write about it like Myles did, our children do gain confidence and security through that day-to-day connection.

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