Planning on dropping a few pounds? Giving up caffeine? Reading a book a month?

These are all great resolutions, but you might want to add one …

How about making a resolution about being a better father?

Likely, the best way you can improve as a dad is by spending more time with your children …

You could create a standing date with your son.

Or, instead of sitting down and watching the news, you could spend the first 30 minutes with your kids when you walk in the door.

Why not take your daughter on that weekend trip you’ve been promising her?

If you are like many dads, your biggest concern in relating to your kids is probably finding the time.

So take out your calendar right now and mark out blocks of time to spend with each child. Then, get your hands on your kids’ school calendar and make sure you can attend the special events.

And here’s one more Action Items for being a good father in the new year:

Go public! You’ll be a lot more likely to keep your commitment if you post your resolution publicly. Consider posting it on Facebook or make a point to tell your wife, your kids, or a good friend who can check in with you regularly about it.

This New Year, don’t just make resolutions. Make commitments. Turn ideals into reality, and reach for greatness as a dad.


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