Small Groups

Dads of Destiny – Small Group Study
For Fathers and Their Families

Dads of Destiny© is a training program designed by the National Center for Fathering (NCF) to encourage and equip fathers in practical skills in order to strengthen their families. It was written for small groups of fathers which are started by an NCF-trained leader, and seeks to encourage fathers to practice their fathering skills and hold each other accountable. While this course can be taken individually, it is best experienced in a small group.
The Dads of Destiny series offers three six week courses:
The first course is “Dads of Destiny,” a six-week study covering the following topics:

  • Assessing Your Fathering Heritage
  • The I-CANs of Fathering: Involvement, Consistency, Awareness and Nurturance

The second course, “Going the Distance,” deals with these topics:

  • Marital Interaction and Teamwork
  • Support from Other Fathers
  • Spiritual Equipping
  • The Life Course of Fatherhood
  • Commitment

The third course, “Communicating with Your Family,” covers:

  • Effective Listening
  • Giving Blessings and Affirmations
  • Handling Problems Well

The three courses are stand alone, but they are designed to complement one another and can be used in succession.
These courses are purposely written by men who are continually trying to be the best dads possible for their children.

  • Courses are taken in sequence. Groups choose to proceed after finishing each course.
  • The optional Championship Fathering Profile is generally used with the first course.
  • Each course is 6 weeks in length.
  • Leader’s guides are available for each.* The Championship Fathering Profile (CFP) will help you answer the question, “Where do I stand?” in 21 different aspects of your fathering and family life. You will be able to identify specific areas where you excel, as well as areas where you need to focus your efforts to improve as a dad.

Dads of Destiny coverCourse 1  – Dads of Destiny

  • The critical importance of fathers;(optional) Championship Fathering Profile*
  • Biblical Foundations
  • Assessing Your Fathering Heritage
  • A Fathering Framework
  • Involvement
  • Consistency
  • Awareness
  • Nurturance

Going the Distance coverCourse 2 – Going the Distance

  • Marital Interaction and Teamwork
  • Support from other fathers
  • Spiritual Equipping
  • The Life Course of Fathering, parts 1,2
  • Commitment

Communicating with Your Family coverCourse 3 – Communicating with Your Family
What is good communication?
Signs of deteriorating communication
Respect and Listening
Communicating in Conflict
Handling Problems Effectively
Blessings and Affirmations