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3 Tips for Sibling Rivalry

It’s never fun dealing with kids who get on each other’s nerves. They annoy, taunt, poke and punch. They tease each other almost as if it’s their job. And maybe it is. It’s never fun for parents when kids do this, but it isn’t always a bad thing. They’re figuring out...

3 Reasons to Honor Moms

Dads, you’re ready to honor your mother and your children’s mother this Sunday ... aren’t you? I hope Mother’s Day is something you throw yourself into, because moms deserve it—and it’s good for us and for our kids. By now you have probably made arrangements for...

Dads, DON’T Be Your Kids’ Hero!

by Justin Batt Pretty much every movie that’s ever been made follows a familiar pattern: there’s a hero, there’s a villain, and there’s some sort of conflict that occurs with the hero typically emerging victorious. But amidst the conflict, you have a guide who leads...

Are You Preparing Kids for College … or Life? 7 Questions.

Do you envision your child going to college someday—whether soon or years from now? The recent headlines about celebrities and their shady shenanigans to get their kids admitted to their colleges of choice brought to mind this article from a few years back written by...

A Heroic New Title for Dads

Over the years, I have had the privilege of making several trips to Poland to speak to dads there during the annual fatherhood conference held by our friend Darek Cupial and his team at The key insight for this blog comes from one of the other speakers there...


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