One Big Key to Effective Discipline

One Big Key to Effective Discipline—and How to Use It

  Correcting and disciplining children will always be challenging for fathers. In today's busy times and with so many outside forces competing for our children's attention and allegiance, training our kids has never been more important. In the moment, we want them to obey us, stop fighting with each other, and/or avoid destroying property. But we know discipline has a bigger purpose: we want our children to end up as responsible, caring adults who are prepared to thrive in the world. Here at the Center, we have some helpful articles and recommended resources on discipline, and you’d be wise … [Read More...]

How Dads Can Build that Close Bond

How Dads Can Build a Close Bond

  In last week’s blog I highlighted some recent research about the most important factor when it comes to passing our faith and values on to our children... It isn’t regular teaching sessions, or setting the right example, or involving kids in larger communities that promote those values, like a church. All those things are important, but the biggest key is a warm, close connection between the child and his father. I have kept thinking about this ground-breaking insight, and I believe there’s more I can do to help you apply this in practical ways with your children. For example, what is a … [Read More...]

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The Secret for Passing Your Beliefs on to Your Kids

  What’s the best way to pass your faith and your values to your children? I know that’s a huge concern for many fathers. One of my top goals as a dad is that my children would embrace the faith that I have tried to live out. And even if religion isn’t your thing, today’s message still has a big insight for your fathering, so please stay with me. In the recent book Families and Faith: How Religion Is Passed Down Across Generations, Vern Bengtson presents some eye-opening discoveries about “religious transmission.” Based on his research involving more than 3,500 people whose lives covered … [Read More...]

how to be a dad Simple Ways to Handle Conflict

7 “Simple” Ways to Handle Conflict (& Prepare Kids for Life)

  How well do you handle conflict, dad? When faced with tense situations, many guys withdraw or avoid confrontations. Some do the opposite—they lose control or explode, and do damage to those around them. You might not think about this a lot, but handling conflict is an important responsibility for fathers. Our family members often take their cues from us; our actions and our overall mood during those times can inflame a situation or lead to resolving it. I know many of us don't handle conflict in the best way. I struggle with it myself sometimes. But I love simple solutions; often the … [Read More...]