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If I Could Go Back and “Father” 30-Year-Old Me

I would challenge that young man to focus the majority of his fathering efforts on teaching his kids two things … and modeling one thing along the way.

Sign on for a Lifetime Commitment

Commitment is our calling card as fathers. It’s our resolve to always act on our child’s behalf, no matter what the hour, no matter what other pressures are competing for our time, no matter how little recognition we receive, and no matter how young or old, near or far away that child may be.

Clarify Your Vision (With Help from a Former Mob Boss)

Armin is now living every day with renewed passion for fathering and is making different decisions about what to do with his time, money, and energy now that he’s clarified his fathering vision.

Knowing Your Child: Awareness Can Revitalize Your Fathering

Awareness allows a dad to work from a position of strength, where you know what stifles your children and what makes each of them thrive. With that knowledge, you lovingly act to meet their needs.

New Survey on Fathering in the Pandemic – Please Help

At NCF we’re trying to learn more about how this pandemic has affected fathers around the country. Would you share your experiences and insights?


Research on Fathering

Check out studies and statistics about fatherhood, including the troubling trend of fatherless children in America and some of the consequences that come with it.

Recent Blogs

See what Ken Canfield and others are writing and saying to today’s dads – providing tips, encouragement and maybe a challenge or two.

Fathering Library

See our wealth of articles on many different aspects of fathering, organized by your situation, your kids’ ages, and common fathering hot topics.

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