Never underestimate your influence as a father.

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Runaway: A Moving Video of a Father’s Love

Here’s what you might call a more modern version of the “Prodigal Son” that depicts the depth of a father’s love, featuring the song “Runaway” by Jess Ray. (Unofficial video by Kevin McGlade.)

Valentine’s Day: Make them Feel Loved

Each relationship is unique, whether it’s a couple or father and child, and it’s fine to take an approach that works for you—as long as it also works for your spouse or child, and makes them feel loved and appreciated.

Halftime Shows & Helping Our Children Define the Line

As fathers, we should be aware of what our children (and grandchildren) are seeing and hearing in the media and elsewhere, and we can view these events as opportunities for thoughtful discussions with them.

Kobe “Loved Being a Dad”: Fathers & Time

I join with many around the world this week in mourning the lives lost in the tragic helicopter crash in California—NBA great Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others. Based on many accounts that have surfaced, Kobe was a devoted father.

Video: 3 Challenges for Dads for 2020

Did you make fathering resolutions earlier this month? Whether you did or not, this week’s guest blog can serve as a reminder and a challenge. Consider these three suggestions from our long-time friend, Rick Wertz:


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Check out studies and statistics about fatherhood, including the troubling trend of fatherless children in America and some of the consequences that come with it.

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