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The Secret for Passing Your Beliefs on to Your Kids

  What’s the best way to pass your faith and your values to your children? I know that’s a huge concern for many fathers. One of my top goals as a dad is that my children would embrace the faith that I have tried to live out. And even if religion isn’t your thing, today’s message still has a big insight for your fathering, so please stay with me. In the recent book Families and Faith: How Religion Is Passed Down Across Generations, Vern Bengtson presents some eye-opening discoveries about “religious transmission.” Based on his research involving more than 3,500 people whose lives covered … [Read More...]

how to be a dad Simple Ways to Handle Conflict

7 “Simple” Ways to Handle Conflict (& Prepare Kids for Life)

  How well do you handle conflict, dad? When faced with tense situations, many guys withdraw or avoid confrontations. Some do the opposite—they lose control or explode, and do damage to those around them. You might not think about this a lot, but handling conflict is an important responsibility for fathers. Our family members often take their cues from us; our actions and our overall mood during those times can inflame a situation or lead to resolving it. I know many of us don't handle conflict in the best way. I struggle with it myself sometimes. But I love simple solutions; often the … [Read More...]

Father and son in garage

Only from Dad: 5 Things to Teach Your Child

  One of the main goals of this blog is to encourage and challenge you to make the most of every opportunity you have with your children, because your time with them is fleeting. They grow up so fast, and before we know it they're moving out and getting on with their lives. Also, it’s sobering but true: none of us have a guarantee that we'll be here tomorrow. You never know when something tragic could happen. I’m not telling you all this to bring you down, but to remind you how important it is to have your priorities straight. It's too easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and … [Read More...]


What the Best Coaches (and Dads) Do

The NCAA tournament is going full speed, and for many families spring sports leagues are ramping up—if they ever slowed down. I’m getting ready to speak to college basketball coaches at the NABC convention at the Final Four in a few weeks, which is always a great event. Those guys face some unique fathering challenges, and it’s my privilege to try to help them in some small way. (If you’re interested, you can read my column in the latest Time Out magazine, published by the NABC, here—see page 20.) I’m convinced that we dads can learn a lot from good coaches as we strive to raise our own … [Read More...]