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Dads Need Balance for Kids’ Ignorance

As fathers, kids can bring many different challenges our way, and often they test our patience and frustration level. It’s especially true when they get to be teenagers. They’re old enough and smart enough to think they have it all together and know what’s what, but...

3 Ways to Influence Kids’ Relationships

I hope all our reminders about Valentine’s Day over the past month did you some good. By now you surely have the special gifts, gestures, and date(s) planned for your wife (and kids). Or maybe you’re one of those couples or families where February 14th isn’t such a...

3 Valentine Gifts Your Wife Will Love

By Dr. Ken Canfield Hey, dad, what are you giving your wife this year for Valentine’s Day? Ideally, you have plans well under way, but knowing how many men typically operate, consider this your one-week reminder. I encourage you to pool all your creative energies for...

Valentine’s Day Tips for Dads of Daughters – and Sons

Your Valentine’s Day shopping and planning for your wife might be well under way—and that’s good! Some may view this as just another excuse for greeting card and flower companies to make money—as well as jewelry, candy and clothing companies, etc.—but it’s also true...

Inspiring Video: Is This Your Future?

By Ken Canfield, Ph.D. Dad, do yourself a favor and watch this 3-minute video: “Beginnings. The older you get, the more rare they become.” “Endings are too often on my mind. I pray for new beginnings.” This video challenges us to think about beginnings and endings. I...


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