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8 Reasons Your Kids Need Grandparents

Rickie began experimenting a bit when she left home and went to college. First, she got a few extra piercings. Her dad, Jim, wasn’t thrilled, but he tried not to let it affect their relationship; it was her decision, after all. Then Rickie wanted to dye her hair blue....

Don’t Hold Back Affirmations

What if dads were very intentional about affirmation? What if we proactively looked for ways to encourage our kids?  Your teenage son gets a raise after just a few months at his new job. Your daughter has an amazing game as a goalie for her soccer team, even though...

3 Ways to Avoid “Blind Spots” with Your Daughter

by Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC We’ve all heard the term “blind spot” when it comes to driving. And just to make sure we’re all in the same lane, here’s how the dictionary defines it: “An area where a person’s view is obstructed.” And though this term refers to our line...

Laugh with Them. Cry with Them.

When our kids come to us with emotional news, why do we often reflect the opposite emotion back to them?

José’s Story: Your Children Are Gifts

Your child is an incredible gift! Not a liability as some would suggest.  No matter what your current situation, whether you have a special-needs child, a child who’s struggling in some way, or a child you don’t get to see as often as you’d like, you simply can’t lose...


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