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José’s Story: Your Children Are Gifts

Your child is an incredible gift! Not a liability as some would suggest.  No matter what your current situation, whether you have a special-needs child, a child who’s struggling in some way, or a child you don’t get to see as often as you’d like, you simply can’t lose...

Smile, Dad!

First, a big THANK YOU to all granddads out there. You deserve to be honored this Sunday on Grandparents’ Day. You play an important role because your Grandkids Matter! (And for all other dads, make sure to get your kids involved in recognizing their grandparents this...

3 Ways Fathers Instill Hope

It’s one of the most necessary preventive qualities that a father can instill in his children—giving them security, peace, confidence, and many other qualities you surely want them to have. It requires your steadfast focus and asks you to utilize a trait that,...

A New School Year: 3 Tips for Dads

Your children just started school or are about to go back, and I hope that’s a big deal in your mind—whether they’re starting kindergarten or the last year of graduate school. They will mature and be shaped in incredible ways during coming months, and of course you...

4 Fatherly Responses to Grief and Loss

The Canfield family recently announced a big loss in our lives—the passing of my wife of 43 years, Dee, who was also a mother to five, mother-in-law to four, and Nana to twelve. Being by her side for the past few months really opened my eyes to the reality of death...


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Check out studies and statistics about fatherhood, including the troubling trend of fatherless children in America and some of the consequences that come with it.

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