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18 Ways You Can “Be the First” in Your Daughter’s Life

When I think about the concept of firsts, especially when it comes to fathers understanding their daughters with more precision, I want to highlight what a big deal “firsts” are for us as girls. To prove my point, you could ask any adult woman when she had her first...

Are Your Kids in Sports? Memorize These 6 Words

What’s the best way to handle ourselves at our kids’ sports events? Brad is frustrated by his son’s baseball schedule. After spring sign-ups, the family was notified the team would be starting “spring training” right away, and those pre-season skill-building sessions...

4 Qualities of CALM Fathers

Steve and his teenage son were almost always at odds. He criticized his son’s schoolwork, his clothes, and his overall attitude. Steve’s business was at a turning point, so that added to his daily stress levels and the frustration he felt toward his son. One night, an...

Dad, What Do Your Texts Really Say?

Maybe you saw the texting conversations that went viral this week. It all started with a Twitter post from a teenage girl: deep convos with ur dad >>>> That tweet struck a nerve with many other teens, who shared screen shots of similar text “nonversations” with their...

Dads Need Balance for Kids’ Ignorance

As fathers, kids can bring many different challenges our way, and often they test our patience and frustration level. It’s especially true when they get to be teenagers. They’re old enough and smart enough to think they have it all together and know what’s what, but...


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