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Recognize the Importance of Being Present

How to Be a Better Dad by David Hirsch: Kids want our time and attention and involvement, and we need to be intentional in these 4 areas.

The Very Best of Fatherhood

Three excerpts from kids’ essays highlight fathering commitment and the value of little things we do as dads.

7 Life Lessons One Dad Learned From His Kids

by Joshua Becker: Children add joy, purpose, and fulfillment to our lives. And given the chance, they will teach us valuable life lessons.

Education: Finding Healthy Balance

Whatever your natural tendencies might be in this area, how can you move toward more healthy involvement in your child’s education?

The FATHER Formula: 6 Things Your Daughter Needs from You

Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield provides a template for you to gauge how well you’re putting your love for your daughter into action.


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Research on Fathering

Check out studies and statistics about fatherhood, including the troubling trend of fatherless children in America and some of the consequences that come with it.

Recent Blogs

See what Ken Canfield and others are writing and saying to today’s dads – providing tips, encouragement and maybe a challenge or two.

Fathering Library

See our wealth of articles on many different aspects of fathering, organized by your situation, your kids’ ages, and common fathering hot topics.

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