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Great Dads Honor Moms

Part of the How to Be a Better Dad series – Most of us aren’t alone in our efforts to shape our kids, and we should recognize the many benefits moms bring.

Our Children Need Tender-Hearted Dads

How to Be a Better Dad by Dave Clark – There is a real need right now for fathers who love, serve and lead their families, and who are not afraid to be tender.

Dad, Are You REALLY Listening?

Problems arise for dads because many of us want the plain, cold facts, and our children don’t always communicate that way.

Dad: Your Most Effective Tool Is Showing Up

by Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield – What really makes a difference in being a great dad is creating positive patterns that keep repeating over time.

Leverage Life Moments for Your Kids’ Future

How to Be a Better Dad by Brian Phipps – Paint a picture of a preferred future for your kids, and leverage every life moment to help them accomplish it.


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Research on Fathering

Check out studies and statistics about fatherhood, including the troubling trend of fatherless children in America and some of the consequences that come with it.

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