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Video: 3 Challenges for Dads for 2020

Did you make fathering resolutions earlier this month? Whether you did or not, this week’s guest blog can serve as a reminder and a challenge. Consider these three suggestions from our long-time friend, Rick Wertz:

Affirming Touch from Dad – 7 Tips

There’s great power and affirmation in a father’s touch. A kiss on the forehead. A rub of the head. A bear hug. A squeeze on the knee. A fist bump. A pat on the back. An arm around the shoulder. Dad, you need to recognize how much power there is in your touch....

What Your Daughter Really Longs For

by Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC I wish you could sit in my counseling office, even for part of a day, because you’d hear what I consistently hear from teenage girls and 20-something women.  You’d hear how often they doubt themselves, how often they fear a future without...

Your Valuable Presence … and Our Promising Plan

Dads: I am definitely in the Christmas spirit as we’re now just a few days away. I’m eager to spend time with my children and grandchildren and celebrate all the traditions of the holidays.  My #1 message for dads right now is to focus on being present with your kids....

Exciting Possibilities Ahead at NCF

Thank you for tuning into these weekly messages from / the National Center for Fathering (NCF). And most of all, thank you for your devotion to your children. As we all commit ourselves to what’s best for the next generation, we make the world a better...


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