Randell Turner, Ph.D.

Randell Turner, Ph.D.

Randell Turner, Ph.D.

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Randell Turner is a long-time friend of NCF who is an author, counselor, and a pioneer in the men’s & fatherhood movement. (You can read his contributions to fathers.com archived below.)

Specializing in healthy masculine intimacy, Randy has dedicated over 20 years to working with men who feel broken, rejected, isolated, and lonely because they struggle with “intimacy ignorance.” His personal and professional experience inspired the creation of “Rescuing the Rogue,” designed to equip men in forging intimate relationships to last a lifetime. His latest resource is Relationship Foundations: A Young Adults Guide to Healthy Intimacy.

He lives in Wisconsin and has two daughters and seven grandchildren. For more information, check out his website: TransformingFamilies.org.

Articles by Randell Turner, Ph.D.

Depend on Other Fathers

How to Be a Better Dad by Randell Turner: We all need a “Fellowship of Fathers”: men getting together to encourage, learn from, and develop relationships with each other.

Teens and the “Terrible Toos”

Teens and the “Terrible Toos”

We’re all familiar with that phase in many toddlers' lives called the "Terrible Twos." It’s when their lifelong struggle for independence begins. The word "No" becomes their personal creed and the most frequent word used by parent and child alike! This once so loving, laughing and playful child seemingly overnight becomes very selfish and self-centered. Although we call it the "terrible twos," it can last into year three and four for some children.

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