Our Impact

NCF is committed to reaching dads through our weekly e-mail, seminars, small-group training, and website.

Some of our accomplishments…

  • 10,000+ downloads of free resources from fathers.com, including our two free e-books, filled with practical insights and tips for dads: 5 Things Every Kid Needs From Dad, and Forming a Lifelong Bond: For Dads of Infants.
  • 54,000+ Facebook “friends”, more than 3,500 followers on Twitter, and more than 1,200 subscribers on YouTube were engaged with daily inspiration and action points.
  • 87,000+ dads and other readers receive our weekly email, which provides dads with a regular reminder about the importance of their role and practical ways to engage their children.
  • An array of donors, from small to large, have invested in and supported the National Center for Fathering with a gift, enabling NCF to continue our efforts to inspire and equip fathers, grandfathers and father figures.
  • More than 1,000 men have been trained in Quenching the Father Thirst® and Dads of Destiny small-group curricula, so they can lead other dads and help them learn new skills, and provide accountability and encouragement to make their new habits stick.

Want to be part of the impact?

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