For Dads of Sons

Life carries some significant milestones and rites of passage for a boy. In many ways, he is probably figuring out life and what it means to be a man by what he sees in his dad.

That puts some pressure on us, and it reveals a role that we need to step into. Because anyone could play catch with him in the back yard, teach him to drive and check the oil in his car, cheer him on at his games or performances, or try to help him understand the girls in his life. But there’s something different, something special about a boy learning these things from his father.

Dad, you are your son’s measuring stick for manhood. And there are many ways you can tell him, “I’m proud of the way you’re growing into a young man.”

Since we used to be boys, we often have a more natural companionship with our sons; we’re more alike, and we enjoy more of the same activities. Oddly enough, even though it’s easier for us to be with our sons, it’s still too often a distant relationship. But don’t settle for that! Do all you can to build a strong connection and invest strategically in his future.

How can you do that? This section of is all about helping you answer that question. And truly, there are dozens of good suggestions for dads of sons. Our archive of articles below will go a long way toward helping you. Here are a few tips to get you started.

First and foremost, sons (as well as daughters) benefit from our love and affirmation. We need to affirm them physically, with hugs and pats on the shoulder, and verbally, where we’re comfortable saying “I love you,” as well as “I’m proud of you,” “It’s a joy to be your dad,” and anything else that can build up and bless our sons. Many men have never heard those words from their fathers, and it haunts them to think about what they missed out on. Let’s make sure our sons know without a doubt that we love and appreciate them for who they are. Even when we need to confront bad behavior and hold our sons accountable, we can do it in an atmosphere of love, where we’re building them up, not tearing them down.

Additionally, we dads can play a vital role in nurturing curiosity and directing them toward good. Boys tend to have strong investigative tendencies, and we can challenge them by asking lots of questions and exposing them to problem-solving situations. They grow in aptitudes and in confidence as they learn to find solutions on their own. Of course, they also need protection from curiosities in dangerous areas—like sex, drugs, alcohol, and such. So we can help guide them away from unhealthy behaviors while encouraging them toward pursuits where they can help people and make a difference in the world.

Through it all, we need to be reliable models of healthy manhood. Do our actions reinforce what we’re teaching our sons, or do they see areas where we’re inconsistent? Few things can do more damage to our efforts with our sons than failing to live out what we claim to believe in. Do we demonstrate respect and care for women—especially the ones in our family? Do we model healthy emotions and avoid outbursts of anger? Are we showing our sons what it means to have a balanced life, keeping the right perspective on work, hobbies, and leisure pursuits in relation to family and other priorities?

Dads, enjoy your sons. Show interest in what they like even if it means you have to stretch a bit. Find a hobby, sport or activity that you can call “our thing”—something that can be a point of connection for you through the years. Continue making daily investments in your son, building him into a young man of character and strength. It’s a high calling, but you’re up to the task. You can help lead and inspire your son to do extraordinary things.

For more, here are some featured articles about raising your son—and there are many more listed below as well.

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