Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Program Overview

Equip Yourself to Impact Fathers and Their Families for a Lifetime!
NCF offers dynamic, hands-on instructor training to provide you with complete instructor materials and enhanced skills to train dads. You will be prepared for fathering presentations including:

  • Experiencing NCF’s top-rated father training seminars
  • Taking part as a participant in the program
  • Reviewing your role as a trainer using instructor guides and supporting materials
  • Interacting with other men committed to training fathers – exchanging ideas and experiences
  • Learning about and sharing presentation and facilitation approaches to improve your impact

Fathering Curriculum for Train the Trainer…

Quenching the Father Thirst
Recommended for Fathers in Challenging Situations
Based upon research conducted by the National Center for Fathering (NCF) and our experiences with local court initiatives, this curriculum provides “culturally” relevant material that addresses many issues for fathers involving fragile families in urban areas.
View the Quenching the Father Thirst Curriculum Description and Content Overview

Measure the Difference…

View the Quenching the Father Thirst Curriculum Evaluation Report
View the Quenching the Father Thirst Evaluation Vitae
NCF’s training programs have been highly rated by participants for their practical content, action-orientation and high energy approach. They are designed by men for men. They are fast-moving with practical content, exercises, video clips, small groups and action planning. Programs are supported by books and follow-up material. NCF’s training program ratings have consistently received 9.5+ ratings on a 10-point scale. 

Here’s what men are saying:
Informative –Informative, well put together, clear, concise and engaging.”
Comprehensive — “I received a training that, if I needed to start a group today, I could!”
As a result of this training… “I will move to train as many fathers as possible.”
“Materials were easy to understand and apply.”

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