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5 things

5 Things Every Kid Must Get from Dad

How are you guiding your children into adulthood while keeping them safe and filling them with strong values and confidence? This FREE e-book is packed with meaningful techniques that will teach you to embrace being a dad to your son or daughter and create the relationship you always wanted with him or her.

Forming lifelong bondForming A Lifelong Bond

Translate the excitement of becoming a dad into a solid commitment to be the dad your child needs. This FREE e-book addresses the specific challenges, key issues (and joys!) dads face with infants and toddlers.


Power of wordsThe Power of Your Words & 100 Encouraging Phrases to Use This Summer

Your words are powerful. Your words have the power to help shape your child’s future. This FREE e-book contains 100 encouraging phrases to say to your children this summer. However you deliver them, it just matters that you do.